Case study


Ta-tum is the first gamified platform that turns students into detectives to energize the reading experience.
2017 Primary Education Primary Literature Syllabus 4 Languages

The challenge

Edelvives wanted to launch a new product to nurture reading habits in primary school students.

Our Approach

Oneclick designed the entire educational experience from scratch. We also developed the technological components, designed illustrations and interfaces (based on steampunk aesthetics), and we created the story.

Ta-tum is the place where books live. The idea is to make reading an exciting game. For this, Oneclick designers were inspired by natural elements for children like videogames and epic stories.

In Ta-tum each child becomes the main character as a detective who, in collaboration with classmates and teachers, gets characters back to its books.

In addition, this platform contains an extensive library with different search filters, such as age, level or subject, and provides a series of activities that teachers can modify to personalize them.

Ta-tum; how a become becomes alive

Key points

Videogame/ gamification

Gamified pedagogic proposals shown as detective mysteries

More gamified elements

Points, medals given when the tasks are completed

Offline elements

Bring gamification to real life with detective card, class photograph, etc

Book Spotify

free book gallery

New business model

Either the school or the parents pay yearly for the use of Ta-tum

Based on Oneclick’s technology

Most of the game’s components are based on already existing Oneclick’s frameworks and platforms, which made us faster and more cost efficient


  1. Higher ROI. Investment recovered in 2 years.

  2. 25.000 kids enjoying it (and paying for new licenses in the second sales campaign).

  3. Edelvives’ sales team always talks about Ta-tum when they meet with their prescribers.

  4. The implementation of Ta-tum was fulfilled with a very low incidence level, both during its staging and production.

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