La Leyenda del Legado – Adventure Mode

"La Aventura" is a videogame that enriches Edelvives’ educational product "La Leyenda del Legado". The goal of this Education project is to turn the student into the main character of his own learning experience, in collaboration with the teacher.

The Challenge

Edelvives wanted to launch a new primary education collection, which combined digital books with gamification features.

Our Approach

Based on the solution parameters the publisher provided, our team managed the design of the end-to-end digital experience. We also developed the software that brings the digital experience into life and we uploaded the contents.

We were inspired by the latest trends in children’s tastes and pedagogy. Our educational experiences experts made a videogame, an adventure in which the child becomes the main character. A villain has stolen the knowledge of the world and the child, to save humanity, must recover that knowledge. Through different stages, the child will defeat the “bad guys” while accumulating knowledge.

Key points

  • Videogame

    Adventure Mode based on the trending games among kids in the different gaming platforms

  • Adaptative

    Algorithms that give exercises in different formats, also depending on the child's answers

  • Syllabus contents

    Covers all the subjects and concepts of the Spanish Primary Education syllabus

  • Automatic exercise creation

    Our algorithm generates lots of exercises automatically

  • Flashcards + Rewards + Avatars

    The Adventure Mode includes different tools and techniques based on neuroscience

  • Autonomous

    The Adventure Mode automatically makes the learning experience more dynamic for the child

  • Based on Oneclick’s technology

    Most of the game’s components are based on already existing Oneclick’s frameworks and platforms, which made us faster and more cost efficient


  • 01. Edelvives' sales team used the Adventure Mode massively in the campaign to sell the educational project La Leyenda del Legado, using it even as a teaser to book new meetings.

  • 02. Children love playing, so now they spend time playing and learning, and parents are happy to lend them their phones or tablets for play-learning instead of for watching youtube videos.

  • 03. Edelvives is still strengthening its leader position in the Spanish market in general but specially in the digital area.

  • 04. The implementation of the Adventure Mode was fulfilled with a very low incidence level, both during its implementation and execution.