The first Early Years education project based on neuroscience studies. Digital adventure with magical and amazing effects never seen in a classroom.

The Challenge

Edelvives, which is a leading publishing house in early Years Education in Spain, had the will to digitize its new project with the hallmark of neuroscience applied to education. The challenge, moreover, was that the solution had to be implemented at reduced times and costs to obtain maximum profitability to the project.

Our Approach

For the digitization of project Croqueta it was essential that, through the different digital tools and generating a single experience that joined physical and digital space, it was possible to capture the six keys that explain how the human brain learns at an early age: Surprise. Movement. Creativity. Emotional Management. Holistic. Cognitive processes.

The digitization of the Croqueta educational project aimed to transport all the knowledge reflected in the paper materials to the digital ones, making the most of it.

Edelvives and Oneclick's approach has always been, and more so with this project, to avoid the reluctance that may be encountered by introducing digital media into children's classrooms. That's why Edelvives and Oneclick's approach is that teachers can make positive use of digital as a support or reinforcement to create memorable experiences without replacing analogue experiences. With the Croqueta project, girls and boys are not standing in front of a tablet, but the teacher uses her device to enhance dynamics such as laughter, body and verbal expression...

The challenge of digitizing the Croqueta project was twofold. On the one hand, design a solution according to the latest advances in neuroscience, pedagogy and psychology in a short time and adjusted cost that allowed Edelvives to obtain a high profitability while ensuring that they continued being the leader in the children field. On the other hand, provide tools to the teachers to help strengthen and enhance the analog experiences of the classroom without replacing them.

Always based on the previous solutions provided by Edelvives, our team of Solution Architects designed a new digital experience from start to finish, bringing together the latest scientific studies with the latest advances in technology and gamification. For its development, existing technological components owned by Oneclick have been used to speed up the construction process, as well as reduce the final cost.

Key points

  • Blended design

    Digital and analog work holistically.

  • Real Time Teaching

    Actions performed on applications appear on the digital whiteboard without delay. The teacher is boosted in the classroom by being able to use his/her own mobile to enrich the dynamics being able to use several devices at the same time.

  • Based on Oneclick's Tech

    Most of the components are based on already existing Oneclick’s frameworks and platforms, which made us faster and more cost efficient.

  • Gamification

    The dynamization of the classroom is possible in the Croqueta Game thanks to certain moments called "momentos croqueta": applause-meter, smile detector and secret word.

  • Digitalization and enrichment of curriculum content

    In the section "Feed Your Mind" there are all the project materials accessible for use in IWB in the classroom, with additional tools that allow other complementary dynamics with the printed elements.