Learn Together

Content distribution platform upgrade and LMS migration.

The Challenge

ByMe wanted to launch a new platform that improved the experience of teachers and students with their licensed digital content.

Our Approach

In just a single publishing campaign, Oneclick was able to:

Create a new multi-device digital platform, powerful and reliable.

Migrate all the existing digital contents, registered users, classrooms and marks of millions of students and teachers to the new platform.

Produce new digital contents of a new educational multi discipline bilingual project for Primary Education, Learn Together.

Key points

  • Automatic script

    To migrate ByME’s already existing contents to the new platform

  • Oneclick’s Content Team

    Carried out all the production and content uploading for the 2018 campaign

  • Based on Oneclick’s technology

    Tangerine LMS Platform and distribution tool owned by Oneclick, and customized for ByME, which made for a faster transition more efficient in costs


  • 01. ByME regained both team and customer trust.

  • 02. No delays in the digital production. All deadlines were met, both for the for commercial campaign and for the start of the schoolyear.

  • 03. The platform is working great and if the few incidences reported by clients, get fixed on the same day.

  • 04. We are in touch with ByME, Edelvives and MacMillan to work in new projects.